Achala, Nuwan & Baby Aranya

We have got to know about Champa and Chandrani though our best friends Swethaki and Ruwan Narasinghe. Ruwan was my batch mate in university and later we worked together in same architectural office.

Those were days which migration consultants were everywhere like some kind of a virus. But on the first day we spoke to them we have realized these guys are not some amateur migration “wanna be” consultants. They know what they did.

They have proven their work by getting us residency in Australia in a recorded time. We’ve just came as two. But now we are three with our beautiful daughter Aranya.We are enjoying our lives here not just by seeing how Aranya is developing herself but how Australia is developing our lives as well. Recently Achala’s mother visited us here. Went on some long road trips.

Yes, that’s what Australia can offer you.

Thanks Champa & Chandrani for showing us the correct path to Australia.

Rajith, Andrea, Rebecca and Jason Jayawardena

In 2006 we visited Australia for the first time on a holiday. On returning back home to Sri Lanka we started exploring options of migrating as a family to Australia. I visited many agents who advised that we had no chance as either one of us had not continued our studies beyond secondary education. It was then that we were introduced to Champa Buddhipala of C&CT Migration Consultants. After talking to Champa, he conducted a close evaluation of my education, work experience and advised me that migrating to Australia could be a reality for me. Champa did what was required of a quality agent and got my initial assessment passed. It was then when Chandrani came into the picture for the first time, and she got the ball rolling with DIAC. Unfortunately, we were victims of the Capital Investment rule change which came with the change of government and all applications under this scheme were put on hold. Champa and Chandrani did what they could have done to get the suspended scheme running and even wrote to the minister concern. C&CT did not give up on us and instead of waiting for this scheme to re-open, they proposed an alternate visa sub-class which I qualified for, and the visa was granted in less than three months. We are now happily settled in Australia thanks to Champa and Chandrani. I have not seen anyone so passionate about their clients and all I can say is that C&CT are agents that will go above and beyond and will accept cases like mine which others could not handle or did not have the experience to handle. I wish them best of luck and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Tharupathi Munasinghe

Masters in Drama & Theatre (Sri Lanka), Bachelor of Arts (Sri Lanka), Diploma of Communication (Sri Lanka), Advanced Diploma of Music ( Australia)

In 2004 I heard the name of ‘Champa Buddhipala’ from my sister. I contacted him. When I heard his voice from the other side, I felt that he was a very pleasant, joyful man. When I said to him my position about migrating to Australia, his first question turned out to be, “why are you thinking of migrating to Australia – I know you are having a good life in Sri Lanka as a very popular artist!”. I know this kind of ‘off selling’ thoughts are not normally spoken by migration agents. Because every client is money for them, like the tag line of ‘People are our Business’. That’s the thought from which I identified him as a real noble migration agent who didn’t think his work as a business, but a service to people.

I hadn’t a demand list skill profession at that time. I was a Radio Journalist. Always Australia was looking for Accountants, Architects, Engineers and Tradesmen. For people like us, it is hard to jump this migration hurdle without migration agents like Champa. I migrated through the 495 SIR visa category in 2007. In 2009, I was granted Permanent Residency visa. My hurdle was overcome. Now I am reading for Master of Sound Design in University of Melbourne . My wife and I have a son born in Australia. Now we have started our new life in Melbourne . This is definitely the result of Champa’s work.

All the other migration agents like to do easy-going cases that are not challenging. But I know confidently that Champa has done several very complicated and difficult cases in the last few years. I know Champa is constantly trying to solve difficult cases by using his skillful legal mind. He has a special sense in applying immigration law to difficult cases. I think this also may have been the reason why he was a very popular and benevolent Judge in Sri Lanka.